The Medus Caves  are divided into two parts: a lower gallery called “Dry Gallery” and an upper one  “Wonder Gallery”. The richness and beauty of the underground river, the structure of the cave, the exceptional location of the entrance enjoying a unique setting and easy access are all elements that ensure an unforgettable experience.


Come and discover the exceptional rivers of the Hautes Pyrénées with Tom Rafting! Among other things, you will learn how to manoeuvre and position yourself correctly in the water. In July and August, Tom Rafting offers half-day excursions, which gives you the possibility of carrying out 2 different excursions: ‘initiation’ and ‘thrills’!


Discover the magic of flight during a tandem paragliding baptism above the Campan valley and Bagnères de Bigorre in the Hautes Pyrénées.